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It may be bitter! But because of this things your relationship could end at any time!


Love each other in a relationship is the key in a relationship. Without any sense of love between each other, a relationship will be over. Although some of you certainly do not think so, because sometimes there is a relationship that can continue to operate despite not love each other as a thing, but can you imagine what if you are in a relationship without love. Do you feel comfortable with all of it? Surely you don’t!

Despite the fact that you could just pretend to love him without being noticed by him, but it will make you feel uncomfortable in his presence. And of course, over time your partner would surely know about it, especially if you do a few things that made him feel insecure and threatened even when with you. And if this continues happend, no impossible if your relationship with him will end soon. Want to know if what some of the things that make you could end up with him? Here are some things that can make your relationship with him could end at any time other than the sense of love lost, among others:


Usually your partner will soon realize that you already feel uncomfortable with him when you are getting lazy, difficult to be invited to meet him and difficult to make friends with him. Not only that, but also he will soon realize that you are not wanted anymore when you long to reply his message. Yes' if from the beginning of your relationship is like that, maybe your partner will understand your busy schedule, and think that there is nothing to worry about that and think everything is fine.  What would happen if you could not hide your lazy to meet so make him know about it and choose to immediately terminate your relationship.

The house (and Friends)

Usually your partner will soon realize that you do not really love him and can make your relationship ends when you are never allowed and invited to play home even though your partner has several times offered to play. When this happens in your relationship, it could be you have started a war. Because this is the same you have to build a wall and limit yourself to it so that he would think that he did not deserve to be introduced to your parents, especially if you've never even introduced it with your friends. Usually this will make your relationship becomes more tenuous.

Your career better than your man

A man will usually feel oppressed and threatened when he saw the women perform better while in school and in college. Not only that, a man will feel threatened when they see women are more successful when compared with the world of work. Surely this would make his position is threatened. What happens when they are get married and happened remain like that? Men will feel useless and think that you would want another man who is more successful and achievement of your own.

Social media

Everyone should feel jealous in a love affair. Because of jealousy is the beginning of a romance. In fact, because of jealousy, usually minor problems will be big. For example, when a woman reply her friends (men) in social media by sweet and super friendly word, this surely will make your man think that there is a special affinity between you with him so as to make your man feel threatened and want an immediate end your relationship with him.


When women ever been hurt by man,, such as infidelity, violence, harsh words, and others, usually this will make your man sometimes afraid that he would receive a reply from you. So sometimes because of this your men think that ending a relationship is the best way to do.

"I am boy friend or Just Friend?"

Usually because you often treat your man like you treat your others male friends, it would raise questions as above. So that in the end will make him feel jealous excessive, then excessive fear, and overprotected. It is a natural thing because he does not want much from you. So do not be surprised if your man will sometimes turn out that way.

You always fighting and arguing when you met him

Many things that make a realtionship could end at any time. One of them when you always fight and argue when I see him, whether it's for small and big problems, it will make you into a relationship is not going well and in the end will make your relationship ending anytime. If you do not want your relationship to an end, it is better if you throw away your sense of selfish when you see him. At least there should be in the down position. When both are on, and no one becomes a listener, a relationship will not long run.

Some feel so underdog in that relationship.

As well as we have stated previously that if you want to last a long time together with your partner, there must be a budge. Because if there is one who feels oppressed in the relationship, this will create a relationship can be ended more quickly and ended anytime. Maybe sometimes did not initially like nothing happened. But if this continues to happen and make one feel oppressed, will eventually make it to be rebel also and felt that the way to end a relationship is the most appropriate way to resolve the issue.

Because it remained as patient as any man there is a limit. Not only that, but also if your partner did not say anything then you can suppress it for granted. You still have to understand the limits if you want your relationship to last long.

No opening and equally unfettered

What happens when both parties are equally restrained and not to open? How to overcome the problems that occur between the two sides? Both of these are one of the triggers of the termination of a relationship between men and women. Well, look at some of the above, of course now you know what you should consider if you want your relationship does not end soon. Because sometimes one forgets oneself so act arbitrarily without knowing if it can make their relationship with a lover could end if it always does. Because every action there must be some limits.