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Psst..! Want to know the secret of a man after he breakup? Read this one!

Who says if only women could be gutted as most in a relationship that makes the act are that many men, for example of infidelity and others. The problems usually start from a man and eventually make women to be gutted and immediately terminate their relationship. But, what happens if it turns out that a broken heart is a man? What will they do? Want to know what they are doing while a broken heart?

Maybe, the end of a relationship often make it difficult to forget easily. Because of the former and the shadows of the past and also a sense of confusion and unanswered questions are always exist in our minds, even sometimes relationships end when the matter has not been fully completed so that still leaves a big question mark and curiosity.

No wonder that sometimes men who have been hurt by the woman and was curious about what was happening made him want to know the answer by following the movement of the line of women who had been part of his life. Because it is not possible to ask directly if that happens is the situation is heating up. And of course there are many things men do when they are heartbroken.

Want to know what?

Here are 10 things that men often do when he feels broken heart, among others:

Watching Porn Movies

No man who can get away from porn. Whether it is in a state of joy and sorrow, two things are always tinged with activity sees porn. By look at porn is one way to divert attention from problems that exist for one to two hours.

Stalking Ex-Girlfriend

Paying closer attention to how to follow her ex-boyfriend is one thing that is often done by the man after he felt desperate and broken hearts of women. Although this is not really a good and healthy way to do, and should not be done by men. But it is by following the movement of the former is able to satisfy what is a burden on him when he was heartbroken. Especially when women no longer want to talk anymore, certainly one way to satisfy the curiosity of men is to follow the movement of the former.

Although they have not to do it, usually a man will follow the way of his ex-women by surfing the Internet. Simply by clicking a few times, men can know what is being done by a former lover. Although ex-girlfriend when viewing the status of a single switch, and they lost all the photos from her photo album and other man started to communicate with the former is one of the painful jab for men, but at least he knew what the former did this time.

Analyze Ex-boyfriend Postings are Overstated

You probably never thought that the man who had just dropped out of love and suffering with what he was experiencing usually will always analyze all posts by ex-girlfriend and former friends to excess in social media. Although not supposed to be the man to do it! However, is often done by a man.

Want to know why?

Because men want to know what is being done by a former boyfriend, but he could not do anything that could only be seen from a post that has been made by the former in social media.

Shows Fake Happiness

Sometimes men who were gutted not to be seen is sad though their romance had ended, thus making should show a false happiness. Because he did not want anyone to say, "He's gone mad!" So what men can do to look still happy?

Men who want to look happy though grieving usually they will perform activities like nothing happened and continue to live there. Despite the fact that this will be like a reminder in itself, but how busy a man to try to forget the shadow of his past and trying to keep busy with friends, the bustle of the office, the gym, the session hangout with friends, and document all activities through media social, it is not enough to erase the memory of the past of his life.

Shows about "Hanging Together with Friends"

Usually after the separation, it will make more frequent man who previously spent time with the woman be switched more with his friends, although this could also be done although he was still a joint courting women. But however, usually men will tend to prefer replacing social status with a view to demonstrate to the former that now he was not bemoaning his fate at home. Because now he is free along with his friends.

Listening the sad Songs

Actually, both men and women like to hear sad songs when they're desperate. It's just that it is more popular among women. When in fact the men also love to see a picture of them with her ex, when music is heard and began to play and set the mood of men. So it makes it healing process after the split as well as a way to dislodge and remove periods of mourning and feeling disconnected from his female.

Looking for Runaway

Many men were gutted often seek escape to cope with the conditions in various ways. This is one way for him to overcome the existing problems. Whether it is by looking for other women, spend more time to do the hobby that had been buried, then bingeing, play games, and others, because in this way all the weight will disappear by itself.

Back to The outside

A man who was heartbroken, will usually make it must immediately update his profile photo and say that they already begin a new life and say he is a single man who is ready to receive anyone to make the best picture. Usually they will soon find a woman without discussing the former. He usually did when they already feel confident with his life now.

Now you already know about what is being done by your man after the breakup of you? At least you do not have to think too deeply about what he is doing as far away from you. Because actually performed not too far away from what you do after your breakup. Such is the life of love for men and women.