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Read your man's heart! He want you do like this!

See the hearts of women and men are very different. Because when women are usually more expression, which she always expressed her laments so it's easy to read the current state of love, or sad, so it lets you know what to do about them. It was different with men. What are the differences? Want to know more about your man's heart? Let's read the following, and know what they want from you like this!

Well, see a man's heart was hard. They are difficult to understand to make us should be able to guess the contents of his heart and imagine themselves in a way when you are in position at the sight of your man looks sad and angry. What make them difficult to understand?

Because the man is difficult to express their heart's content. They prefer to remain silent when angry with the woman because men older than women. So it is sometimes difficult to tell whether the man you are angry or not. Whereas in a relationship, both must equally understand the desire of each different if they want to be able to walk long relationship. So what should be done to understand this?

To understand the heart of each pair, at least you should know what the guy you want. Because both men and women is the same, where both men and women, they both want something from their partner so that sometimes looks like a demanding one another, but if undertaken not. Precisely by understanding each other is what ultimately makes your relationship can work be better.

That is why the following will we say about some of the things that are usually desired by men than women that will make your relationship can run smoothly, among others:

Sense of Understanding

Not only a woman but also men wanted to understand. But unfortunately sometimes women do not understand it. Women are more often demanded the man to do it was to forget to give sense to the man. Whereas the support and understanding of the conditions that are being experienced by men from women had meant to the heart of the man. With a sense of understanding given by women, this will make him be comfortable and happy when the woman is in a relationship together.

Can you imagine yourself, if you are a man who is married and you have to be responsible for a living for the family, but what would happen if your job was not known so it makes you have to look for other jobs to meet the daily needs of your family? What happens when your life was problem, but the woman did not understand? They continue to demand without any sense of understanding to men. What will happen next? Surely you know what the answer is when you become a man.

Life is not like drama

In household life, to argue or quarrel between husband and wife is a regular thing and become part of the spice in the household. But that does not mean that you should fight and argue all the time when household relationships. Although arguing it is okay, but not to domestic life if you become like a drama which always exaggerate the existing problems so as to make the life of your household can be no harmony.

Who will be strong when every moment is always invited to argue with things that are not important and should not be exaggerated? No strong at all!


Women have always demanded that men can always be honest with him. But that does not mean that the woman should lie and not honest with him. Because men are also wanted if she could always be open and honest with him without having to hide the lie when in a relationship with them. Whatever the case, domestic life will be much better when both are equally honest and open to what is the case.

What happens when there is a domestic one feel uncomfortable and angry to be something that is not understood by their partner, while his partner really do not know because he does not want to talk and tell the truth. This definitely will make households become hot and uncomfortable until eventually could end up with destruction.

Comfortable house situation

Everyone always wants to stay somewhere clean and comfortable. No people in the world who want to live in a dirty place. So also for men! Men always want when women could be invited to cooperate in creating a home atmosphere is quiet and comfortable. So that when a man comes home from work, the house was clean and comfortable. And automatically with conditions like that all the burdens that exist today in the workplace can be forgotten. Of course with these things can make your stress is also being lost.

Soul Food

Men are people who love to eat. When viewed more deeply, between women and men's stomachs quite different in size. In the sense that when women usually feel full while eating one serving, different again with men. Men always need more food because their activities more and metabolic systems are also different from women. That is why if you want to captivate your man, then lure him from his belly first then get his heart!

This term might look funny, but this is true also! Every man prefers a woman who can cook than women who can not. Whether it's the slightest cooking, when made with great love will be special for the man.

Romance Things

Not only women who love romantic things, actually men also love it! Although difficult to reveal the contents of his men so that women will prevail seem romantic and sweet, but you must understand that if you want your relationship to run long. For that to a woman, do not ever hesitate to always provide a romantic surprise for your husband. He would love it and make it more love you!

Personal space

There are times when a man wants to have its own time. Because everyone is always in need of personal space at a certain moment to feel the comfort.

Hearing ability

Not only women who wanted to hear the story, the man was also need it. Man happy to spend time alone with the woman to feel comfortable, especially if the wife would give the listener time to be a man. So, what do you think? To be sure, in general, men want women to be able to give the above, as well as women. Do you agree with it, don’t you?